My current obsession: Bone-inlay furniture

Alright, so I think the secret is out that my current obsession is bone-inlay furniture.   Here’s the scoop –  I’m a BravoTV geek and was watching an episode of Ladies of London when Caroline Flemming revealed a gorgeous bone-inlay dresser in her closet. I instantly fell in love and talked to my production partner about it.  They offered just a few pieces so I decided to post them to sell. It was shortly after that my current production partner from India approached me to design and sell their bone inlay and mother of pearl furniture pieces. I was a little hesitant at first since there was no true way to vet them, but six months later we have a strong relationship and importing bone inlay not only to the US, but everywhere else in the world!

Why it’s so special:

It is a great fit for Heathertique – every piece is custom made by hand, and each piece is unique. In India, this style of woodworking with inlaid stone, shell and bone has been passed down for generations, and you can see it in their work.  The craftsmanship is incredible, and due to interest around the world, artisans have started added new colors, contemporary geometric patterns, and creating different types of furniture to fill the interest from a worldwide client base.

Because the combinations are endless from bone to mother of pearl, patterns, colors, and size, it can be overwhelming I think for customers to know where to start with creating their own look.  That’s why I reference Pinterest to help inspire their decisions.

A Universal Design Element

I LOVE how universal this furniture can be – it’s not just for boho and global chic designs anymore. Every genre décor can incorporate a bone inlay piece into any interior design genre. Take these three examples from three top designers, all different design aesthetics integrating bone inlay furniture seamlessly.


Design Style Example 1: American Classic

Designer Mark Sikes gravitates to American classic styles, mixing natural fibers and outdoor elements with crisp color palettes. This guestroom design uses a natural wood dressing table with bone inlay and matching mirror and chair. The natural wood flows with the rest of the room, decorated with basket planters, but there’s no lack of mix-and-match colors. A blue nightstand, red lamp, pink comforter and that amazing art focal point of one of the most visually-stunning Florida wading birds – a Roseate spoonbill!

Designer Mark Sikes, Photo from his book “Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style”


So I’ve rounded up some Heathertique items to show you how to achieve a similar look to the design by Mark Sikes. We have the matching bone inlay mirrors and dressing tables in a variety of color options.  And you know how much we love mixing and matching color, so check out our ever-changing collection of unique, colorful lamps!  Lastly, I have to give props to an amazing artist I’ve just discovered here in my home state of Florida. Nancy Charles is the artist behind ConchFritters on Etsy, where she sells her stunning drawings of wildlife like the fabulous roseate spoonbill pictured below.


Bone Inlay Set 1



Design Style Example 2: Whimsical Girls’ Room

Next we have a super fun take on a little girl’s room, designed by Mimosa Lane. She focuses on BRIGHT color with a turquoise bone-inlay dresser topped with a whimsical painting by the fab Hayley Mitchell. Check out her use of the yellow vases, white swan, and blue and white oriental vase to decorate the dresser. Those pieces are soooooo #Heathertique style, don’t you think?

Designer Mimosa Lane, Photo by Megan Weaver


Here is the Heathertique version – I’ve pulled some of our girlier pieces in pink, but keep in mind that we have the same dresser in turquoise, green, red, and several other colors, so if you’re thinking of doing your nursery in the style of Mimosa Lane, we can mix and match any color your little one’s heart desires!

Bone Inlay Giry



Design Style Example 3: Cool Contemporary

And lastly, we get away from color completely to show you how contemporary, and luxurious an ornate gray and white bone-inlay buffet table can look, like the one in this design by Gerri Wiley. Start with simple white and gray furniture, lamps and wall art. Add a touch of texture in your floor covering, but the real texture hero comes from that buffet table. Top it off with a chic light fixture and sprinkle in a few bits of turquoise trinketry.  And let’s not overlook the beautiful white foo dog! Definitely a #Heathertique staple right there.

Designer Gerri Wiley, photo by Werner Straube
So here we have my Heathertique roundup of monochromatic, fun and funky finds that come together to create a contemporary and chic living room a’ la Gerri Wiley. Though I don’t have any white foo dogs in the shop right now, I have this fabulous white dragon head as well as several foo dogs in other colors if you want to change up your pop of color from turquoise to, say, gold!
Bone Inlay Gray



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