Green is the new black…

Ok, so you guys know I love color – and if you’re new to the Heathertique world, welcome. My name is Heather, and I love COLOR! I love finding everyday decor items in funky colors and mixing and matching items in a room.   So even though I tend to follow my own instinct and don’t often follow global trends in home decor, I do love it when the Pantone Color Institute releases their annual predictions for popular colors.  It’s fun for me to see how all the various industries look to each other for inspiration and trend-setting.  Pantone bases their color predictions on what they see on the preview runways of the fashion world, and the rest of the design world plays off of the Pantone predictions.  So it’s fun for me to watch the color trends play out, and of course it subconsciously influences my decor picking.   For example, green made a splash in lots of top designers’ shows for Spring 2017:

*photos by Yannis Vlamos for Vogue


So Pantone happily reported:

Green is the new black!’

Actually, what they said was,

“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

They’re saying that green is nature’s neutral, so why not bring it indoors to revitalize your surroundings without completely re-furbishing your entire home?   Adding a splash of green here and there is a great way to revamp your home’s look in one simple move. Here are some of my tips for incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year into your atmosphere to give it a quick, fresh overhaul:

  1. Add plants.

    Plants are a staple in my home, and they’re a great way to breathe a little life into dusty decor – literally!  Two or three low-maintenance succulents or pothos plants in each room will transform your world instantly.  And be sure to have fun picking out your vases, pots, and plant stands. Here are some I’ve recently curated – a nice wide range of styles to fit any decor motif:

*Fetch a fab vase at Heathertique now by clicking here…

2.  Add a color pop with furniture

If you’re feeling brave, try changing out a piece of furniture for something in green. Maybe a funky green couch, armchair, or buffet table.  Check out this spectacular couch in a room designed by Jordan Ferney:

Designer Jordan Ferney

Here’s an awesome Knoll chair I found in green – sorry this one is already sold, but I’ll keep my eye out for more!


3.  Toss Pillows

If you’re not quite willing to move around your furniture, toss pillows are a great way to change the look of the room quickly and without breaking your bank!   Jungle prints are super trendy this summer, too, but of course there are literally  hundreds of inexpensive, beautiful green pillow prints out there to choose from.  I’ll be keeping my eye out for some to add to Heathertique, so keep your eye on my Instagram and Facebook, because pillows get snatched up so quickly, theyr’e rarely stocked in the store…

Designer Justina Blakeney knows how to play with green in her “Jungalow” design style! I love these pillows, that wall art, the hanging planter! ALL of it!

4. Trinkets, tchotchkes , and fun-bits!

The easiest way to bring color into a room is to swap out a few of your decorative items, of course.  Book ends, figurines, paperweights, and art are easy to exchange to add a different color or motif to your space.  Here’s how some of our Heathertique items could spruce up your room with a pop of green!


Greenery, vintage fun and funky from Heathertique




Happy decorating, and please share your photos with us at Instagram #Heathertique or on – we love to see how people have incorporated our uncommon goods!  Be sure to stop by the Etsy shop for our most up-to-date treasures!


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I’m Heather – woman, mom, entrepreneur, creative spirit, and salvaged goods afficionado. I started out in the fashion industry as a stylist and buyer and found myself knee-deep in the world of interior design after purchasing my first home. Armed with resourcefulness, a passion for home decor treasures, and a very tight budget, I set out on an adventure dicovering relics and re-homing them through an Etsy store, which has now grown into a multi-platform business called Heathertique. I call myself a home decor archaeologist: my team curates collections for home decor, vintage furniture and gifts. This blog will be a place for me to share some of the stories I uncover along the way, as well as design ideas for your home, inspiration from other designers, and whatever other fun stuff we want to talk about in between! Join us, and let us help define your atmosphere with character!

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