Kilim is coming!

You may have noticed several “kilim” rugs listed in the last month – and there are more coming! So I thought I would take a minute to explain what kilim is, why it’s become a home decor trend that’s here to stay, and how you can take advantage of my new partnership with a fabulous supplier of kilim products!

Kilim describes a type of flat-woven, thin-pile decorative rug that come from a pretty diverse span of geographic areas – from the Balkan Peninsula (Bulgaria, Serbia, etc) all the way through the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.  The first wave of the kilim trend hit when Turkish rugs with colorful oriental-style designs started popping up in bohemian and global chic interiors, like this:

This boho room is designed by Justina Blakeney for her book The New Bohemians and features a fab kilim rug

The mid-century modern lovers found out about these incredible rugs and started incorporating their muted colors and geometric patterns into their designs too. More recently, as the geometric trend has taken a strong foothold in the interior design community, the fun shapes, patterns and color palettes of certain regional versions of kilim are gaining popularity too.  Traditionally made with vegetable-based dyes, most vintage kilim rugs have soft, warm earthtones that are great for many types of decor and design, but nowadays, we are able to find more contemporary designs with pops of color, especially blue and yellow.

Kilim Eclectic Collection



The beautiful thing is that the very essence of kilim rugs – the variety of the colors and patterns – is what makes them perfectly versatile in interior design!   The Heatherique shopper is looking for items with character, variety, and range. Kilim rugs are all of those things – that’s why they were the perfect choice to bring to the boutique!   Whether you want to make a statement with a wild pattern and create a look for your space around a fabulous rug:


Killim Set 1


Or if you are borrowing from the Scandinavian stylebook and prefer muted gray and white palette with natural wood elements, clean lines, and an accent color of, say, gold, then kilim rugs could work for you to change things up in your atmosphere:



Kilim Scandinavian Style




If you consider the origin story of the style of flat-weaving for rugs that were used in the tents of nomads of Middle Eastern deserts, you can only imagine how sturdy these rugs are for high-traffic areas.  I’ve even seen them hold up beautifully over time in rough-on-rug places like kitchens and bathrooms for a soft touch in an otherwise stone and tile room.  And don’t forget outdoor spaces – a kilim rug would be beautiful under a gazebo…

Instant Art

With their unique looks, intricate designs, and fun color options, kilim rugs are an instant way to fill a room with art and history.  And don’t think of them just for the floor – lots of designers use them as wall hangings to create vertical dynamics for a room!


The kilim rugs I’ve selected to include in the Heathertique store are 100% wool and hand-knotted in the Indian tradition. I’ve picked a collection of geometric designs with a contemporary feel and colors that can work in any room design style with the types of character and vintage feel our shoppers love!

So check out the new items added, and keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook to see more kilim products being added soon!


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