4 Ways to Update Your Office to Revitalize Your Work

I’ve been planning a re-organization of my home office space for almost a year now.   Curating and collecting is my favorite part of my work life – organizing and administration is my least.   And after a big score of uncommon goods, I am inevitably faced with that realization that I LOVE something too much to give it up right away, so my office space keeps collecting items…and they don’t always go together design-wise.  So I’ve had this looming project on the back-burner for a while, and I’ve decided that to kick myself into gear, I should start by organizing my thoughts into a list of what I really want out of my office make-over – and maybe my list will inspire you to look for ways to revitalize your work atmosphere!

  1.  Color and Fun:

    Know what colors sooth you, inspire you, and make you happy.

    Those are the colors you want popping out at you in your work space.    Don’t be afraid to bring trendy design elements into your office too. Why use up all the cute goodies in your home when you spend more of your day in your office?!     Here’s a great example of an office that is anything but traditional for a group of entrepreneurs who run a business that is equally non-traditional:

Design by Jenn Feldman

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar and two of her life long entrepreneur pals Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman run Foodstirs, a baking business that seeks to break the rules of traditional baking businesses.    Designer Jenn Feldman helped them create a colorful and fun space full of trendy elements like unique light fixtures and geometric pieces that inspire creativity and fun in their workspace.

Design by Jenn Feldman

2. Create comfy seating spaces.

Seeing that hot pink couch makes me realize that rather than spend the whole day in a traditional office chair in front of your computer, it’s a fabulous idea to create a secondary seating option where you can get a bit more comfortable for a few minutes every day.

Rebecca and Jared Rashkind turned to designer Susan Petri of Laurel & Wolf to turn their pool house into a bohemian, quirky office space.  My favorite element of their design turned out to be this little corner seating area:


Photo by Dustin Walker, Design by Laurel & Wolf

Isn’t. It. Awesome?    I can totally see myself looking for excuses to sit in that glorious rattan chair with a fab gold pinepple and puffer fish watching me list new goodies on Heathertique.com.   If I can’t be out curating, working in this area would be a happy second choice!

Photo by Dustin Walker, Design by Laurel & Wolf

“It was a designer’s match made in heaven,” Petrie says. “I knew right away that it was going to be a fun, fashion-forward project met with fresh ideas.”


Photo by Dustin Walker, Design by Laurel & Wolf


3.  Utilize open shelving for space-saving organization, AND versatility in design.

I’m inspired by blogger Kasia Rutkowiak who turned 12-years of living in Denmark into design inspiration for her home office.   Utilizing open shelving and the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, Kasia’s office is a perfect blend between clean organization and displaying her quirky personality.

Photo and design by Kasia Rutkowiak

“Having a big family and not so much space, I had to incorporate the office into our living room,” Rutkowiak says. “I really wanted it to look presentable, simple and clean while being practical.”

I like the shelving because it gives us the chance to rotate decorative items based on the season of the year or just needing a refresher in our atmosphere.   You can rotate fresh flowers in plain vases, change out the color scheme with different sculptures or art work every few seasons, or display sentimental items from recent vacations or family outings.

Photo and design by Kasia Rutkowiak


4. Add some life.

Speaking of flowers, I’ve heard that having living elements like plants is key to optimizing your creativity and maintining a tranquil mood.  (Sally Augustin, a design psychologist who authored Design With Science, says “Having plants in your immediate surroundings is linked to improved performance.”)   Fun seasonal flowers in plain vases or simple green houseplants in funky planters and plant stands – THAT’S totally up my alley.

Designer Justina Blakeney’s home office


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