Pom poms, tassels, and llamas?! What you DON’T know about the 2017 trend…

As I’m sure you’ve all seen by now, colorful pom poms, tassels, and kitschy llama art are dominating the fashion and decor industry right now!   Every fashion blogger, designer, and store is hyping the trend with colorful summer window displays, round-ups of fun fashion, and their favorite ways to style them, like this one from College Fashion.
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 At first I had to admit that this trend just wasn’t for me, as I was feeling a bit too old for the target demographic and neon colors.  But then, I saw these two posts from Oprah (12 Pom Pom and Tassel Items We Think are Great) and Adventures of Yoo (10 Classy Ways to Wear the Pom Pom Trend) that changed my mind, and then I realized that I had fallen for the tassel-love.  Even Today Show’s style consultant Liliana Vazquez made it her mission to help everyone realize the versatility of the trend.
“[Say] yes to pompom adornments, tassels and exotic Aztec prints! These trends might sound like they belong on the arts-and-crafts table rather than in your closet, but [she] proves otherwise. (Summer Fashion Trends to Try Now) These stylish details bring a happy, playful charm.”
So, why not bring that ‘happy, playful charm’ into the home?
While posting some of my most recently curated uncommon goods, I decided to pull a few items that could be styled together easily.  As I was trying to figure out the difference between a llama and an alpaca, I started to get deeper and deeper into the facts and history of the culture that inspired the trends that create mood boards like mine:
Tassel Trend Home Decor from Heathertique

  1. Llama Oil on Canvas Art 20″ x 30″ Set of 2    $178
  2. Fluffy Colorful Crochet Throw 35″ x 55″ Blanket   &78
  3. Geometric Colorful Rectangular Pillow 11″ x 10″ x 23″  Cover   $98
  4. Colorful Kilim 2′ x 4′ Rug    $198


That’s when I found myself unexpectedly debunking some of the trend references discussed in many mainstream fashion articles. You see, I was searching for information on these “Aztec” textiles, traditional dress, and llama decorations to see if I could find the source of the inspiration for the trend. The Aztec culture was present geographically around what is now Mexico and parts of Central America.   But it’s the people of the Andes Mountains (Chile, Peru, etc) much further down in South America that yield photos like these that will have tassel-lovers going gaga:


llama decor, decorated llama, tassels and pom poms, tassels, llama, alpaca
Photo by Tydence Davis

How sassy and fabulous is this llama!!  And her llama mama seems awfully proud of her work, too.  As you can see, llamas really are decorated with tassels and pompoms and colorful embroidery in Peru, even today. They are typically only dressed like this for parades or festivals, but some shepherds might sew a small bit of ribbon or yarn in their llamas ears to identify them without branding.

Photo by PCLVV

Think you’ve got the best tassel game in the industry?  Check out the incredible tassels in this Peruvian woman’s braids!  I’m not sure whether to call them tassels or pom poms at this point – they’re so big and round, and I love the ombre effect in the blue tones.

Photo by Paulo Philippidis

This girl in Cusco shows off her beautiful rainbow crocheted “cape.”  It has been said that textiles in Peru were once used like currency, and even men had huge closets full of ponchos and capes so they didn’t have to wear the same one every day!  Crocheted blankets are great family keepsakes, whether you’re of Incan descent or just someone who loves to cuddle in a warm colorful blanket on the couch! I always have a hard time walking away from great vintage textiles, which is why my store always has several…


Tinou Bao
Girls at the Pisac Market in Peru. Just look at all the amazing variations in color, texture and tribal designs! Not to mention the adorable cameo by baby llama there! If you’re like me and prefer muted tones to the neon colors used so much in the modern looks, you’ll appreciate the way the traditional Incan tribal patterns use a black background for contrast. That’s why I like the pillow in the mood board – it may not be traditional Peruvian, but the color and geometry makes it fit right into the overall look!  Here are some more examples of traditional Incan tribal designs:
Photo from Etsy Studio
So, as it turns out, we have the cultures of Peru to thank for today’s trendy looks!  Neon colors, pom poms and tassels adorning everything from blouses to accessories, geometric tribal prints, and llamas and alpacas everywhere! (including this super fun scrapbook from Paperchase!)

So whether you’ve got a daughter who’s room needs a trendy makeover, or you’ve realized that you can’t get enough of the Peruvian-inspired modern look, don’t forget to head over to Heathertique (www.heathertique.com OR www.etsy.com/shop/heathertique) to peruse our curated uncommon goods to add character to your atmosphere!

Tassel Trend Home Decor from Heathertique

  1. Llama Oil on Canvas Art 20″ x 30″ Set of 2    $178
  2. Fluffy Colorful Crochet Throw 35″ x 55″ Blanket   &78
  3. Geometric Colorful Rectangular Pillow 11″ x 10″ x 23″  Cover   $98
  4. Colorful Kilim 2′ x 4′ Rug*    $198  

*Though kilim woven rugs are historically made in Asia, the colors and patterns of this one blend nicely, don’t you think?  Learn all about kilim in our previous article!

 For references or to read more about Peruvian, Incan or Quechua culture:    http://www.ancient.eu/article/791/   https://threadsofperu.com/
*This is not a paid or sponsored blog.

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