Interior Design Trend: Statement Mirrors

I’ve been stumbling across some beautiful mirrors during my curating and collecting over the past few months. I mean, just check out these beauties:
The truth is we often forget how great mirrors can be as a statement element of design in our homes.   When was the last time you bought a mirror?  Most of my friends tell me they only buy a mirror when they move into a new place that doesn’t have a full-length mirror.  Or they’re renovating a bathroom and have to pick out a new mirror to match the fixtures in the updated space.  But people, let’s just take a minute to appreciate how a statement mirror can really change the dynamics of any space! Here are some gorgeous uses of statement mirrors in designed interiors:

 1. Add a pop of color and light in a small space, like a white powder room:

2. Create a dynamic space by layering a textured statement mirror over a cool patterned wallpaper.

 3. Stick with a matching color but add texture and pattern to keep a monochromatic room from being boring…

4. Break up symmetry and lines with a playfull polka dot mirror like this one!

5.  Add fun shapes in an eclectic space – like a spirograph mirror to mix in between sharp geometric pieces:

6. Use in a nursery as art and a fun way to interact with your new baby amidst all the beautiful family portriats:

Erin Vondra



Enjoy your weekend, and think about ways you can transform a small or awkward space with a statement mirror!   Shoot us your ideas at @Heathertique on Instagram and Facebook!

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I’m Heather – woman, mom, entrepreneur, creative spirit, and salvaged goods afficionado. I started out in the fashion industry as a stylist and buyer and found myself knee-deep in the world of interior design after purchasing my first home. Armed with resourcefulness, a passion for home decor treasures, and a very tight budget, I set out on an adventure dicovering relics and re-homing them through an Etsy store, which has now grown into a multi-platform business called Heathertique. I call myself a home decor archaeologist: my team curates collections for home decor, vintage furniture and gifts. This blog will be a place for me to share some of the stories I uncover along the way, as well as design ideas for your home, inspiration from other designers, and whatever other fun stuff we want to talk about in between! Join us, and let us help define your atmosphere with character!

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