Why We Adore: Jonathan Adler

“Follow your heart. Ignore any rules. Wear white after Labor Day. Have an “F-it” attitude.” – Jonathan Adler

We at Heathertique love Jonathan Adler – not just because he urges people to “accessorize with abandon,” but also because of his bubbly personality, whimsical and eclectic design sensibility, and a grin that just warms you to the core.

He calls his style: Modern American Glamour, but you can see a love for Mid-Century Modern, Pop Art, and luxury taste all combined in his work. Adler started his design career as a business-timid potter, sold his whimsical pottery designs to Barney’s, and has expanded his empire over the last several decades to include all types of furniture design, home decor accessories, and partnerships that develop a myriad of goods.  His lines are sold in over 25 stores and boutiques.   Not too shabby!

Inside Jonathan Adler’s office/studio.  Photo from Eric Feinstein

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This guy is just so inspiring  – I especially love the part in his bio where describes how he was affected by his partnership with Aid to Artisans, a non-profit organization that works with artisans in developing countries. They build networks between foreign artisans and American designers like Adler.  It was, in fact, his work in Peru that inspired his textile line that continues to show off contemporary global patterns and fibres from Peru. And we all know how big the Peruvian design elements are right now! (If not, go check out last week’s blog!)


But I think my MOST favorite thing about Jonathan Adler’s work is that you can tell he is an animal-lover.  In almost all of his interior design work, you can spot animals ranging from subtle elegant brass sculptures to not-so-subtle whimsical critters.




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So, when I spotted this tusk table a few months back,  I knew it was special even though I couldn’t quite place it right away.  When I flipped it and saw the signature Adler logo stamp on the bottom, I got a little rush.  This item fits everything on my checklist for great Heathertique items:

  • Uncommon
  • High Craftsmanship
  • Luxury style

I love the animal motif so signature to Adler’s work. Don’t worry, these aren’t real animal tusks – they’re man-made replicas! I love that it’s a used piece that you can’t buy in regular retail – they’ve been sold out for a while now in the few places still listing them. I love the stark white color that will make it perfect for a monochromatic look, to blend in with a minimalist modern white space, or to stand out as a contrasting element in a fun colorful space.    And even though it shows signs of use on the feet and edge, this, like all of Adler’s work, is built to last.

In fact, it’s said that Jonathan Adler’s motto for his furniture is:  “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it,”

The styling done for the original ad for the tusk table, from JonathanAdler.com

Well that’s it for me today on sharing my love for eclectic and fun interiors and the designers who inspire my curation process!

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