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If you love vintage decor whether it’s retro glam, mid-century modern, or Victorian interior design styles, you’ve come to the right place.  Last week we shared some great ideas for incorporating Halloween holiday decorations tastefully into your atmosphere.   This week we’re giving you some Halloween goodies you can incorporate RIGHT NOW for FREE !

My team rounded up this collection of adorable and festive vintage note cards and ads ranging from the late 19th century to the 1950s and 1960s that feature charmingly ghoulish kiddos, black cats and jack-o-lanterns:

Check out these adorable vintage Halloween cards and ads!

All you have to do to create instant vintage holiday charm is download and print the images. Then you can replace your regular framed photos around your home with these, or pick up some dollar-store black, orange, green, and purple frames to put them in.  (Since some of them are oddly-sized, you can simply use black construction paper to fit inside your frames behind the images for a quick-matting hack!)

Download full size images here

Replace your regular home photo galleries with these vintage Halloween ads for instant vintage holiday charm:

vintage halloween decor decorations ideas for midcentury modern
Photo from Founterior


Create a holiday focal point by adding your framed Halloween images in clusters with pumpkins, striped planters, and orange and black candles:

vintage halloween decor decorations ideas for midcentury modern
Photo by Adrienne Breaux


However you decide to use your downloadables, share them with us on Instagram, Facebook, or right here in the comment section!

And be sure to check out all our vintage home decor goodies at Heathertique!


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