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Look no further – there are still a few days left and we are working around the clock to add inventory for you to find the perfect gift for her or him or mom or dad or a friend or just even you! The best part we offer gift wrapping upon request and FREE SHIPPING!

Oversized Abstract Art

Why Abstract Art?

There is something about abstract art we just love. Huge pieces like this fill up a wall in a cinch! As a cliche, it might be – you can interpret it in so many different ways. For example on the left, we see a wild animal. What do you see?

Oversized Abstract Art



Oil painting

Wall art


A No Drama Hack

Please note, the blog is getting a makeover, please excuse the mess. However, the need to write surpasses my vanity for design. I am going to keep it short and sweet since it is NOT a unicorn butterfly entry.

Come on, it is easy to get over it… “Just focus on the Nugget & Heathertique and soon the hard time’s divorce will all be behind you,” – THEY SAID! Umm, okay… I have been doing that and it is getting less uncomplicated, but when will it stop IMPACTING my day-to-day living? I am emotionally detached from X, but when his words and actions impact the Nugget in a blighted manner the inner mother bear in me wants to surface.

I can take the jabs, but when it comes to my child it destroys me. Honestly, it used to emotionally paralyze me to the point where I was just, so gobsmacked all entrepreneurial and personal duties were neglected. I know I mentioned in the Rock Bottom post of how I climbed my way out, but I failed to mention how much solace I found in music.

Heathertique Blog No Drama LLama


My current anthem is a song by Kesha. I know! That girl went through hell and back and now she is stronger than ever. The Rolling Stones magazine did a great article on her liberation.  You know maybe this a unicorn butterfly post  – Kesha’s latest album is titled “Rainbow.” By far, I am not a pop star, I can totally relate and maybe sharing will help someone too. Ladies and Gentlemen without further a due, I leave you with “Praying”. We love to know your personal anthem to add to our playlist, please share in comments.

While writing this post, I came across PropShop24 “Curators of Cool” they have the coolest stuff including the No Drama Llama graphic used.

Blog Should I? | I am NOT the H-Word

To Post or Not to Post

A couple weeks ago I blogged about my Rock Bottom epiphany and revamping myself and Heathertique. With both the store and the blog under construction, I was having serious qualms about posting. Also, I am not the best writer and you grammar perfectionist scare the shit out of me – flashbacks to AP English in high school. Guess what? IDGAF – I am going to post about the current situation it may or may not read well or even have content you want to read, but I am doing it anyway.  PS: I just learned what that IDGAF meant – only if I could be as cool as Tha Venice Bitch.

Back In the eBay Day

Most of you who are reading this follow me on Instagram and we all know I love the thrill of the hunt! However, I do not really care for the post curation duties. Then it dawns on me Heathertique is a business and my full-time job and as a single mother bringing in revenue is a GOOD thing, right?

Selling online is not like it used to be. In 1998 I signed up for eBay and began selling vintage clothing, like the Netflix series GirlBoss, but not as glamorous. I ran my shop in the basement of my grandmother’s house in Salem, Virginia. Back then there was NO competition and took a pic wrote a script and boom shakalaka you were done!

I just remember bringing my shipments to the local post office and the workers asking, “You do what?!” & “This person just bought THAT through the puter?!” I would grin and politely say “Yes, Bubba it is a new concept and NO it is not drugs.”



Selling online today requires a marketing strategy and it is a new alphabet soup to learn. You also have to mix it in with your social media. I do prefer the latter of the two, I enjoy telling a story, engaging with others, and just being me. I may not do it well but sharing what is happening in my world has become therapeutic. Of course, I want to be as organic as I can which may scare some people, but mama must feed the nugget.

Strategic planning is what I used to do and now I have to do it for my hobby turned business and it stresses me out.  Do I still focus on the SEO or do more social media marketing? Is there a new formula/technique I am missing? Shit, I am getting old! I get so overwhelmed by the every revolving tactics that I need retail therapy. There goes the time slot to post existing inventory to my online store or to my Chairish shop.

No Friday Celebration For Us

New Microsoft PowerPoint PresentationYes, I love to curate and yes, I did turn one of my bedrooms into a stock room for my inventory. Ever since my Rock Bottom post, I want to be accountable and I have been posting my uncommon goods online like a machine. I also want to avoid an intervention by my tribe my obsession job and not having the show Hoarders knocking at my door.

IMG_0664 (1)Last week I took about 25 items that were not moving to one of my favorite FortLauderdale businesses – Encore Interiors. Not only do they have amazing inventory it is a win-win for me. I am still selling the product and I have more visual space. This weekend my goal is to take this tiny portion of existing inventory and have it online. Maybe in a few weeks, I can have the bedroom back and Airbnb it. That is right it is all about the hustle, baby.

There may not be any hunting this weekend for us, but if you find something swell – share it with us. We love to hear stories of the prize from your hunt!


Polyvore Is Our Valentine

We are little embarrassed to say we are new to Polyvore, but now we are so obsessed mixing our eclectic and vintage curated goods with other brands! Today we did a set inspired by Valentine’s Day – check out our other sets on our Polyvore Heathertique Page. Wishing everyone a sweet and happy day of love!

Be Our Valentine?



Gucci chain necklace
$2,105 – gucci.com

Gucci glasses

Wall art
$115 – art.com

Cross body

Gold home decor


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