Eclectic Interiors That Inspire: John Robshaw

I’m always fascinated by perfectly-curated interiors that show off interesting collectibles in pristine display cabinets surrounded by coordinated color palettes and contemporary crispness.   Unfortunately, my own design aesthetic never turns out to be quite so perfect.    With my flair for interesting and uncommon collectibles, I find myself surrounded by a beautiful chaos ofContinue reading “Eclectic Interiors That Inspire: John Robshaw”

6 collectible heirlooms you might already own!

As a picker and collectibles curator, people often ask me for advice on picking items that will hold value well or become a great family heirloom.  Whether you’re sorting through a deceased loved-one’s belongings, de-cluttering your attic, or shopping for a gift that could make a great collectible, I’ve put together a short list ofContinue reading “6 collectible heirlooms you might already own!”

Kilim is coming!

You may have noticed several “kilim” rugs listed in the last month – and there are more coming! So I thought I would take a minute to explain what kilim is, why it’s become a home decor trend that’s here to stay, and how you can take advantage of my new partnership with a fabulousContinue reading “Kilim is coming!”

Hello, World! Welcome to our new blog!

Well, folks, it’s official!  Heathertique has blossomed from simply my way of styling my own home on a budget into a fully-fledged, full-time business curating uncommon goods into homes across the world!  The last few years have been absolutely incredible, and with this new chapter unfolding in front of us, I thought it was highContinue reading “Hello, World! Welcome to our new blog!”

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