Oversized Abstract Art

Why Abstract Art? There is something about abstract art we just love. Huge pieces like this fill up a wall in a cinch! As a cliche, it might be – you can interpret it in so many different ways. For example on the left, we see a wild animal. What do you see?   OversizedContinue reading “Oversized Abstract Art”

Italian Exterior Inspirations: Dining Al Fresco

Hi Heathertique readers!, Elizabeth London here again for the second part of my takeover on Heather’s blog!   (If you missed part one, check it out here) This time, I’m talking about Italian exterior inspirations for the home. It seems to me that there are three options when it comes to outdoor space in an ItalianContinue reading “Italian Exterior Inspirations: Dining Al Fresco”

Hurricane Irma: Heathertique’s Lessons Learned

Wow.  Last week was such a mess. Hurricane Irma hit us here in Florida on September 10, the Atlantic’s biggest storm in over ten years!  Now, I’ve seen my share of hurricanes, and I admit that Fort Lauderdale (where Heathertique is located) wasn’t hit nearly as hard as some were, but the total impact ofContinue reading “Hurricane Irma: Heathertique’s Lessons Learned”

Pom poms, tassels, and llamas?! What you DON’T know about the 2017 trend…

As I’m sure you’ve all seen by now, colorful pom poms, tassels, and kitschy llama art are dominating the fashion and decor industry right now!   Every fashion blogger, designer, and store is hyping the trend with colorful summer window displays, round-ups of fun fashion, and their favorite ways to style them, like this oneContinue reading “Pom poms, tassels, and llamas?! What you DON’T know about the 2017 trend…”

6 collectible heirlooms you might already own!

As a picker and collectibles curator, people often ask me for advice on picking items that will hold value well or become a great family heirloom.  Whether you’re sorting through a deceased loved-one’s belongings, de-cluttering your attic, or shopping for a gift that could make a great collectible, I’ve put together a short list ofContinue reading “6 collectible heirlooms you might already own!”

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